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Your Case


Results are one measure of success in the legal industry. Experience and skill are needed to maximize your chances for success.  It is important to note, however, that no one can guarantee you results.   There are always risks in litigation, regardless of whether the case is administrative, civil or criminal in nature.  At our firm, we can only guarantee you dedication, hard work and shrewd advice, all leading to the possibility of success. We are proud of the work ethic and commitment we devote to your case.

 If you are a health care provider, we recommend you consider the following when selecting an attorney to represent your interests in connection with a Medicare audit by a ZPIC, PSC or RAC: 

Find out if the firm has ever handled large, complex ZPIC, PSC or RAC contractor audits before. Some firms will happily take your case, despite the fact that they have little or no experience in this area of health law. Don’t pay for your attorneys to learn how to handle your case. While every case is different, an experienced firm will have developed a number of arguments and defenses that may be readily used in your case, without having to conduct costly, extensive legal research.

Ask the firm to provide client references who are willing to speak with you about the quality of work performed on their Medicare statistical extrapolation case.  Check out the firm and the specific attorneys who will be handling your case. 

Find out who will be working on your case — an inexperienced associate attorney or an experienced partner?

What are credentials of the attorneys and paralegals who will be working on your case? Have they ever worked on the side of the government?  Do they have practical health care experience? Arguably, to fully appreciate the challenges faced by health care providers, you need an attorney who understands both the legal constraints and the practical business risks faced by health care providers.

Don’t hesitate to ask about hourly rates and expenses.  While it is often difficult to estimate the total cost of handling a large Medicare appeal, you should get a sense of how much it will cost to represent your interests in this type of case.

Should you have questions regarding your case, call us for a free consultation.  Our toll free number is 1  (800) 475-1906.